The golden rush to roll the snake to disappear

“Blood Ganoderma!”The golden rush to roll the snake to disappear in the mountains.,This is now a speed thief.,Even sometimes you can shoot out of thirty meters,It’s like it.。
Lin Feng can only sit on the ground to raise zombies。
After two more time,Dongxing,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang also came to the mountain.,Seeing this scenery stunned。
“Big brother,You have to turn into a zombie。”Dongxing Road。杭州龙凤
“wipe,Don’t say,Go now to buy blood lucidum,I am practicing now.。”Lin Feng is not a good way:“The sooner the better,I need blood。”
“it is good,give it to me,Big fly,Aqiang you protect your big brother。”Dongxing immediately told,After all, he is crossing him familiarity.。

“it is good!”Big flying and Xu Wenqiang nodded,When you guard around Lin Feng。
Lin Feng is a bit frustrated in his head.,The blood of the blood lapse in the body。
Just when Lin Feng is shed,Lin Feng’s mind suddenly came to some things,Like more,But these things are deeply printed in the mind of Lin Feng.,It seems that there is these things like Lin Feng’s mind.。
“Martial arts sentiment!”
Lin Feng fine tastes these things,Discover these things is the martial arts,From the beginning of practice, it has been extended,Lin Feng’s mind is like blowing。
However, these feelings of zero straw,Many things, Lin Feng does not understand。
“very good,very good!”
Lin Feng immediately sent it to confirm these things,Mutual confidence with your own feelings,Let him have a clear feeling,Lin Feng immersed in it。
The time gradually passed。

“I want to go to Babao Mountain.,Tell me in detail。”
Summer snow opposite the phone,Then silence。
Foot and ten seconds,She said the address came out.,Finally, I will be careful.,“Need me??”
“Need not。”Summer laughing,“I am with Liu Qingqing.。”
Xia Xue is again silent。
She is very clear that this sentence is implied.。
The Liu Qingqing in the side is equally,Between the looks。
She looked at the side of the summer,Suddenly some distressed。
She doesn’t know how to comfort。


Even a talented forward who has attracted the attention

It is very likely to be photographed by a professional team,Become a professional player。杭州楼凤
One thought ends here,Sun Yonggang suddenly remembered another talented person,Also high expectations by many people,Even a talented forward who has attracted the attention of professional teams in advance,Chen Xingyi from Tangdu Shuguang High School in Nanhe Province。杭州龙凤
I don’t know what kind of sparks he and Chen Xingyi will arouse in next year’s national competition.?

Thought of here,Sun Yonggang smiled and asked Luo Kai:“There are many outstanding players in the national competition,For example, Chen Xingyi, the top scorer of the previous competition,Is Luo Kai looking forward to playing against them??”
Most people will continue to say:“Yeah yeah,Quite expecting”Such a scene。
But I didn’t expect Luo Kai to hear him ask this,But frowned:“Who is Chen Xingyi?”
Sun Yonggang’s mouth twitched——What kind of people are this Dongchuan Middle School?!
Chapter Eighty One Only I am better than Chen Xingyi
“Rokai,Do you really know who Chen Xingyi is??”In the team locker room,Someone asked Luo Kai with wide eyes。
“Must know who he is?”Luo Kai replied。
“Not really,It’s just that we are going to participate in the national competition next,It’s better to know the other contestants in the national competition.……of course,I’m not blaming you,Rokai。”Deputy Captain Yan Yan stood up and said。“Chen Xingyi is not a professional star either,There must be many people who have never heard of his name。Only after the interview video came out,Someone on the Internet is leading the rhythm,Say you have no one,Said we are arrogant in Dongchuan Middle School,A new army in a national competition is so crazy,Waiting to see our jokes at the national competition……”
He is holding a cell phone,On the phone screen《Goal》NetAPPinterface,It is this video of Dongchuan Middle School。


The profit margin is still stable

We mentioned in the previous in-depth “When to Reshape the Pattern and Wait for the Return of the King” that the needs of the changing industry continue to weaken, and leading companies have the intention to be able to participate in competition and obtain more improvements through modest price reductions.杭州妃子阁

At the same time, based on the abundant surplus grain reserves, performance certainty is still guaranteed.杭州品茶

In September, Amoy’s online Gree share surpassed Oaks. We believe that it has overlapping signal meanings, indicating that the leading barriers are still deep and that it has the initiative to master the layout.

Profitability: The profit margin is still stable, basically 10% profit growth worry-free company 19Q3 gross profit margin 29.

4% a year -1.

35pct, single season sales expense rate -0 per second.

At 34pct, the gross sales difference fell by 1pct in ten years, and other circulating debts fell slightly by 1.3 billion.

Combining financial expenses, investment income and fair value changes, the exchange rate has a small overall impact on single quarter profits.

Replacement of the new consolidated low-margin business, the gross profit margin is estimated to decrease slightly, mainly due to the heavy volume of the Q3 special offer form and the moderate price reduction of the main products.

Looking to the future, due to the breakdown of the profit margin base in 18Q4, a high probability of 14 will be achieved.

Net profit margin above 5% and profit growth around 10%.

The company’s operating net cash flow in the first three quarters was 32.7 billion yuan, a significant improvement over the same period last year of 15.1 billion yuan.

The main factor adjustment, we estimate that the company did not adjust the upstream price, but the account period was appropriately extended, and the response to the subject extension increased by 32.8 billion, reflecting the strong control of the industrial chain.

The fundamentals are stable, and the short-term focus is still on the reform and promotion of the company. This financial report is fully in line with the industrial prosperity and actual operating conditions. Although the performance is relatively flat, the shift in operating policies has released more positive signals, indicating that Gree is completelyAbility to control competitive dominance.

With the implementation of the equity transfer plan, the focus of the merger will return to mid- and long-term operations, bringing sustained and stable performance.

In addition to the financial report, at this stage, the company is gradually performing more or mixed reforms.

After the previous announcement, Zhuhai Mingjun began to reorganize the “Share Transfer Agreement” with Gree Group within 10 working days (after the approval of the SASAC, etc.), and disclosed details of cooperation with related parties.

Further binding of the interests of leaders and shareholders will strengthen Gree’s stable and high dividend expectation.
Gao’s entry expanded Gree retail gradually and opened up the imagination space for the second track, which brought the company a second take-off.

The profit forecast, assessment and rating are in line with the company’s performance, the business strategy behind the dull performance is positive, and the modest price reduction brings the share back up, which reflects the company’s deep barriers and the ability to deploy.

With a low base in Q4, it is expected that the expected profit will have a stable growth of more than 10%.
The company’s short-term outlook is still the continuous implementation of mixed reforms. As a scarce domestic high-ROE cash flow asset, the current price is significantly undervalued. We are optimistic about the estimated improvement after the mixed reform.


Because single men are more likely to drink alcohol

Although women have three times the suicide rate of men, men have a higher suicide success rate.

Data show that in 2009, 79% of those who died of suicide were men.

Wang Guorong, a senior supervisor of Suzhou Ringier Psychological Counseling Center, said that middle age is the pinnacle of men’s careers, and at the same time facing the pressure of “filial piety to parents and teaching children” and fear of aging, it is more prone to psychological problems.

He suggested that men should be liberated from “utilitarianism”, let life be more casual, learn more from children about simplicity and simplicity, and learn more from women about emotion and taste.杭州妃子阁

  Relies too much on electronic equipment to increase mortality.

A survey of 220,000 patients with chronic diseases found that men who have been in contact with computers, televisions and other electronic devices for more than 11 hours per day have a 40% increase in mortality.

It is recommended to leave the computer every 1 hour and move the TV for 5 minutes.

What’s more important is to get out of the house and stick to exercise. Should you sweat more during exercise and keep your heart rate at 140?
150 times / minute is the best.

  The prevalence of singles is higher.

Multiple surveys have shown that single men (including divorced and widowed) have higher mortality and prevalence rates than those who are married.杭州龙凤

Because single men are more likely to drink alcohol, their diet is less healthy, and they pay less attention to maintenance.

Therefore, men should marry as soon as possible after the age of 25, and run a good marriage with their wives.

Single men should remind themselves to work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  Smoking hurts the heart and the lungs.

After age 40, lung and heart damage caused by smoking are more severe.

Studies have found that men over 65 years of age are twice as likely to have a stroke as a result of smoking than under 65 years of age.

The sooner you quit smoking, the better. This can be done by diverting attention, reducing parties, throwing away smoking equipment, or consulting a professional.

  Women’s articles worry about multiplying family pressure.

Women after the age of 40 face the dual pressure of caring for adolescent children and elderly parents.

Wang Guorong said that statistics from the United Nations show that middle-aged women work two hours longer than middle-aged men.

5 times.

In the traditional sense, middle-aged women in China have to bear the pressure on their families, and their children, husbands, and parents have to worry about food, clothing, and transportation.

Wang Guorong is the highest. Husbands should always thank their wives for their dedication to the family and take the initiative to share the housework. List the family affairs and negotiate the division of labor.

  Some people eat too much fat, some people eat too little frail.

Middle-aged women are divided into two types, some are overweight due to eating too much, and some are malnourished due to weight loss and diet.

According to Ma Liping’s estimation, about one-third of people are blindly pursuing “thousands of dollars are difficult to buy and old and thin”, and they are mainly vegetarian, but this causes problems such as visceral sagging, anemia, and decreased resistance; another 1/3 of themBecause I can’t control my mouth, I can’t get my legs open, which leads to obesity.

Her experience is that all dinners are arranged at noon, and fried, greasy and other foods are only eaten at noon. At night, they eat a light diet and eat only eight full.

  Poor sleep and high blood pressure.

Studies in the United States show that women with insufficient sleep are twice as likely to have high blood pressure.

Shi Ming, chief physician of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Chinese Medicine Clinic of the Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that women over the age of 40 are a high-risk group of insomnia, mostly due to menopause, marital emotions, family relationships, and diseases.
When you go to sleep, you must “sleep first, then sleep your eyes”, and then at 9 pm, you should keep your mood calm, and don’t watch the drama that is intense and sad.
Go to bed at 11 pm on time, to ensure a “golden seven hours” of sleep from 11 pm to 6 am.


This is by no means alarmist, maybe it’s really bad for you

But do you know that these foods are inedible for men.

This is by no means alarmist, maybe it’s really bad for you.

Let your couple’s sexual life quality decline, prostate cancer, infertility.杭州妃子阁

Men must be vigilant!

  Top: Fatness Consequences: Infertility in Men Reason: Red meat (beef, bacon, sausage, luncheon meat) keeps you strong

Saturated fatty acids and cholesterol narrow blood vessels, including transporting blood to the blood vessels!

  Measures: Want to eat again, eat some oysters!

Oysters have long been known as “famous products of love”, and science has indeed proved this traditional saying.杭州龙凤

2-3 oysters Oysters can meet the human body’s zinc needs throughout the day, and zinc is just an important mineral source to maintain the normal function of male reproductive system.

  Second place: High-fat milk Consequences: Prone to prostate cancer Cause: The proportion of men who consume more than 600 mg of calcium through dairy products per day is higher than those who consume less than 150 mg of calcium per day32% higher!

Daily intake of calcium through dairy products can inhibit vitamin D levels in the blood.

In addition to being an important nutrient, vitamin D is a hormone that can prevent the proliferation of prostate cancer tumor cells, thereby helping to prevent prostate cancer.杭州楼凤

  Measures: Pay more attention to diet health, such as eating less meat, regular exercise and more low-fat foods, soy foods and vegetables and fruits.

  Third place: Refined flour Consequences: Infertility in men Reason: White bread and candy taste good, but from a nutritional point of view, this is not the case.

During the processing of whole wheat into refined bread, three-fourths of the zinc is lost. For the cultivation of sexual desire and the health of reproduction, zinc is precisely vital.

The highest amount of zinc in the human body is also in the prostate. A diet high in zinc helps prevent prostate hyperplasia.

  Measures: Eat less concentrated grains and more coarse grains!

  Fourth place: Soybean Consequences: Affects male sexual characteristics and reduces sperm count. Reason: Soybean is a food rich in estrogen characteristics. Excessive intake will increase the body’s estrogen level, which affects male sexual characteristics.

Researchers believe that the chemical components contained in soybeans can “mimic” the function of the estrogen estrogen, leading to a reduction in sperm counts.

  Measures: Pay attention to the amount of consumption, pay attention to “overdose”, as long as it is not replaced in a large amount every day, it will not be excessive.

  Fifth place: Fried food Consequences: Reasons for reducing male hormone secretion: Hydrogenation in vegetable oil can convert the oil into solid, and the fat it contains is trans-aunt.

When it comes to damage, trans-rare earths are better than saturated fats.

French fries and other fried foods, biscuits, cookies include trans-aunt.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that trans fatty acids increase “bad hypertension” in the body and increase the risk of heart disease.

At the same time, trans finance will reduce male hormone secretion, have a reverse effect on sperm, and interrupt the sperm’s response in the body.


he British fleet having left Newport in the interim


The British fleet having left Newport in the interim, on the 24th of April, 1776, the American squadron got under way from New London for Providence, Rhode Island. The ships were in bad condition; sickness had broken out among their crews, and no less than two hundred and two men out of a total of perhaps eight hundred and fifty–at best an insufficient complement–were left ill at New London. Their places were in a measure supplied by one hundred and seventy soldiers, lent to the squadron by General Washington, who had happened to pass through New London, en route to New York, on the day after Hopkins’ arrival. There was a pleasant interview between the two commanders, and it was then that Jones caught his first glimpse of the great leader.

The voyage to 杭州妃子阁 New London was made without incident, except that the unfortunate Alfred grounded off Fisher’s Island, and had to lighten ship before she could be floated. This delayed her passage so that she did not arrive at Newport until the 28th of April. The health of the squadron was not appreciably bettered by the change, for over one hundred additional men fell ill. Many of the seamen had been enlisted for the cruise only, and they now received their discharge, so that the crews of the already undermanned ships were so depleted from these causes that it would be impossible for them to put to sea. Washington, who was hard pressed for men, and had troubles of his own, demanded the immediate return to New York of the soldiers he had lent to the fleet. The captain of the Providence being under orders for a court-martial for his conduct, on the 10th of May Hopkins appointed John Paul Jones 杭州养生会所 to the command of the Providence.

The appointment is an evidence of the esteem in which Jones was held by his commanding officer, and is a testimony to the confidence which was felt in his ability and skill; for he alone, out of all the officers in the squadron, was chosen for important sea service at this time. Having no blank commissions by him, Hopkins made out the new commission on the back of Jones’ original commission as first lieutenant. It is a matter of interest to note that he was the first officer promoted to command rank from a lieutenancy in the American navy. His first orders directed him to take Washington’s borrowed men to New York. After spending a brief time in hurriedly overhauling the brig and preparing her for the voyage, Jones set sail for New York, which he reached on the 18th of May, after thirty-six hours. Having returned the men, Jones remained at New York in accordance with his orders until he 杭州夜网hzyw could enlist a crew, which he presently succeeded in doing. Thereafter, under supplemental orders, he ran over to New London, took on board such of the men


left there who were sufficiently recovered to be able to resume their duties, and came back and reported with them to the commander-in-chief at Providence. He had performed his duties, routine though they were, expeditiously and properly.

He now received instructions thoroughly to overhaul and fit the Providence for active cruising. She was hove down, had her bottom scraped, and was entirely refitted and provisioned under Jones’s skillful and practical direction. Her crew was exercised constantly at small arms and great guns, and every effort made to put her in first-class condition. In spite of the limited means at hand, she became a model little war vessel. On June 10th a sloop of war belonging to the enemy appeared off the bay, and in obedience to a signal from the commodore Jones made sail to engage. Before he caught sight


trange people, reminding us of our own humanity, reminding us that

Adam Dreyfu: Behind the dazzling, he just wants to be a forgotten invisible man
Before starring in “Star Wars”, Adam Dreyfu never thought that he would be recognized by a neighbor’s child in a Brooklyn resident building one day. Now when they see Adam, they will greet him enthusiastically:”Early, Kylo Ren!”He quickly accepted this transcendental character label, and forced himself to get up to respond to the child’s friendly greetings:” Good morning, now Kylo Ren needs a cup of coffee.”This role has changed his life trajectory for six years, and has affected many children. Even his” son “in” Marriage Story “is a loyal fan of Kylo Ren.Put on a full set of equipment to beg for sugar.”Marriage Story” not only allowed him to appoint Oscar to compete in major international film imitations, but also won the personal praise of Oscar’s best actor Joaquin Phoenix, and was also praised by Martin Scorsese as “the most in this generationOne of the outstanding actors. “But these fame and fortune were never pursued by him. He hoped that he would live like an invisible man, enjoy the New Yorker time with his wife, and gradually take 杭州桑拿responsibility for his father, and began to learn to adjust his life rhythm.Try to live a normal life.In the concept of this former naval soldier, the individual is always insignificant. What matters is what you bring to the team, to the group, to the world.He always feels that he is not doing well enough, and is always on the way to make the world a better and more tolerant.Running away from home alone in Hollywood, when he was halfway home when he was 7 years old, Adam Dreyfu ‘s parents divorced, and he followed his mother from San Diego, California, to Mishawaka, Indiana.This is a very traditional American town. Adam ‘s family is also a devout Christian. Even his mother as an assistant lawyer chose to remarry with the Baptist pastor, but he did not like religion.The bondage, even in such an environment, is a little difficult to understand.He stayed away from his biological father and could not have a good relationship with his stepfather. He entered a state of missing fatherhood early; if he did not want to study, it was difficult to get a satisfactory result for his mother.

This also led to his continued low at home, evenPay the rent at home.At that time, the only solace in his life was through the church choir, but the most concerned people in the school were always the rugby players and cheerleaders.He and a group of “Hubeng Dog Friends” went into trouble all day, climbed the radio tower, and set fire to nothing. After watching David Finch’s “Fight Club”, he also learned the plot in the movie and established his own fight club.-There are really neighbours and bear children present!After entering high school, Adam began to come into contact with drama and also joined the school’s choir. He was still in the marginal crowd, but the pursuit of art planted a seed in his heart, and there is always some hope in the future.In his senior year, he applied for the prestigious Julia College in New York, and wanted to move from the No. 1 male high school drama club to a broader stage.But he failed, and even dissipated his interest in college.When Adam Dreyfu boarded “The Hollywood Reporter”, his family had lost patience with him and asked him to find a job to support himself and pay the rent for utilities and water. So he tried to sell the vacuum cleaner from door to door and in a basement.The waterproofing company worked as a telemarketer, and these did not mention his enthusiasm for life.In the face of the cold face of his family, he packed all his luggage, including the microwave oven he paid for, and drove into the broken car to Los Angeles.There is always a legend in Hollywood that the poor boy in a small city entangled in Los Angeles with only a few dollars left. With luck, he became famous overnight and turned over.Adam believed, but his car did not.The car broke down in Texas, and all of Adam’s money was spent on repairing the car, but eventually only reached Santa Monica, the west coast starting point of Route 66.The sea breeze on the west coast blew his heart, and he had to go back to his house in a gritty way.At the military barracks, comprehending the commonality of actors and soldiers. In 2001, Adam was 18 years old, and he was full of blood. After 9/11, he was overwhelmed by a sense of mission and chose to join the army to serve the country.He became an ordinary soldier in the 81st platoon of the first battalion of the 1st Battalion of the Marine Corps, stationed in California.”I love the Marines. It is one of the proudest things I have done in my life. It feels great to drive and detonate expensive weapons.”This military passion for weapons became one of the few highlights of his youth.The experience of being a soldier seriously exacerbated his perspective on the world in the future. The barracks is a place that deviates from the real life of ordinary people. There are the harshest disciplines, rigid and painful training, but there are also unity forces and common forces that ordinary people can’t imagineCollective consciousness.But many years later Adam recalled his years as a soldier. The pride of using expensive weapons and the pain of training have faded. Instead, the glory of humanity among the soldiers has lasted for a long time.”Some friends quit their jobs because they missed their homes, and some of them divorced. We mourned and celebrated together in the military camp.”You can hardly imagine that strangers with accents in different parts of the United States are placed in a fixed area and forced to build trust and learn to cooperate in a short time.”In the lives of ordinary citizens, you can have a few chances to put your best friends into life and death, and you know they will never abandon you.”Fortunately, this kind of team consciousness is applied to the future performance work. In Adam’s opinion, actors and soldiers have a common alternation,” is a group of people trying to complete a greater task than themselves, not about you,, You just play a role, you must also understand your position in the team.Each team has a leader or director. Sometimes they are smart enough, sometimes they are not.You are forced to get close to completely strangers in a short period of time, all of which require self-discipline and self-control.”This self-knowledge shaped Adam that we see now, he always thought he was just a connection among the great works, and when introducing” Marriage Story “won the Australian Aita Award International Award for Best Actor, he read outBefore the title of the entire script, he said this comment: “I do n’t think performance is an internal self-exploration. I think it is an exercise and an understanding of others, not just to understand the role you play.It is also necessary to understand the creative team that is inseparable from the role. When the whole team solves the problem together, the performance is alive for me.”Comrades are in service, but he is practicing” delivery “. Unfortunately, Adam failed to achieve the dream of serving the country’s soldiers. After serving more than twice in the Marine Corps, he broke his sternum in a mountain bike accident.He was carried out of the barracks by a stretcher and bid farewell to the army’s life.”It may be difficult for people who have not participated in the army to be told that they cannot participate in military deployment, which is a kind of destruction for me.”” When his comrades were abroad to protect the motherland, he could do nothing, and twisted and guilt for many years.It was not until later, under the guidance of his comrades, that he was freed from this guilt.He was thrown back into the society, put the military uniform and medal in the closet, and became a civilian again.Those honours also went away, he lost the external armament of certain value, no one knows his past experience on the street, he must rediscover the meaning of existence.At this time, the last straw in Adam’s hand was the Julia College application.”I think with the ranks in the military, all civilian issues are minor issues.”After all, I used to be a navy soldier. I know how to survive. I’m going to be an actor in New York. If I don’t succeed, I sleep in Central Park and turn the trash bin behind the bakery upside down.””Fortunately, this time he was admitted.However, entering Julia College did not close the gap from the barracks to the society. He still has a long and complicated journey to go.When he was practicing performances like “Birth to Himself”, all his friends were in service. This gap is hard to imagine.”I also do n’t know how to apply the knowledge or spiritual things learned in the army to the lives of ordinary people. I need to work, but few jobs have anything to do with shooting and shooting. On the spiritual level, I struggle withLook for meaning, accumulate everything in the army, or follow the tradition, or have a clear practical purpose, and avoid smoking prohibition to avoid exposing the location and so on.”In the eyes of Julia College alumni, this is not handsome and often has a serious look, and the left and right faces are asymmetrical.”The 9-meter big man brought them more oppression and fear, and it happened that Adam was another scoring Scorpio who won scores and failed to achieve his goal.In order to gain weight to meet the character’s physique, he will take roast chicken to class; in order to feel the character’s loneliness, he will move to the paint storage room on the roof of the school for several weeks . This performance habit has continued to this dayDirector J.J. Abrams has revealed that when filming the “Star Wars” series, Adam sometimes focuses on his own world, which makes people feel at a loss.But in fact, he handled the characters and stories internally, not because “the mood is bad now.”Starred in “Patterson” directed by Jim Jarmusch.In fact, this sense of separation from reality has also been projected many times in characters. Before “Star Wars”, Adam often played some weird people who were difficult to integrate into their surroundings because of their own personality or specific reasons.Bus driver who writes poems seriously.He also often played the role of the topic terminator in the interview. He was a helpless person who focused in the spotlight outside the stage. When he last hosted “Saturday Night Live”, he also generously teased that he was polite andAn embarrassing smile, “a distress message is revealed in his eyes”.Building “Art in the Army” with his wife and moving the stage into the barracks was a performance that once again saved this out of place man. He found a resonance with the military experience among dramatists, characters, and works that had no relationship with the military.”So I became less aggressive and aggressive, and I was able to express feelings in words, and how precious a certain language was.”Also during this period, to be precise in the second year of Julia College, he met his future wife Joanne Tucker.It is certain that this lady participated in and helped the process of “domesticization” of Adam’s higher society.”She is a very calm person and will not allow any nonsense.”Joanne is a wise woman in Adam’s mind who learns the wealth of five cars, and is also an authentic New Yorker.She taught him how to integrate New York’s cosmopolitan life, and he shared with her how cool the Rolling Stones are.The two actors combined the characteristics of New Yorkers and soldiers and established a public welfare organization-“Art in the Army” in 2008, referred to as AITAF.Adam Dreyfu and his wife Joanne Tucker.”I think it would be great to create a space and combine these two seemingly different groups to bring people an entertainment event.Based on their profession, explore some thought-provoking topics instead of sketches that force the audience to laugh.比如故事里那个‘被志愿’参军的少年;比如设定里那个回答关于流行文化的问题就能赢得约会的游戏,结果却是和一位已婚且正在孕期的拉拉队队长结伴散步,这些都是In good faith, at the same time there is a little offense.They make the characters presented in the drama no longer domineering, or more approachable.”The most experimental aspect of AITAF is that they have assembled a group of talented theatrical actors, armed them with content, reduced production costs, no set, no rental clothing, no lighting, the stage may be a small theater on Broadway,It may also be the restaurant in the military camp, where there is only a row of actors reading lines, performing physically, and putting all the focus on the content itself.”To show everyone that any environment can become a theater, this is a very powerful thing.Under the eaves with a group of completely strange people, reminding us of our own humanity, reminding us that self-expression has the same value as the shoulder rifle.”Adam and Joanne’s belief in performance is concentrated in every performance of AITAF and continues to this day.They transmit the current social thinking to the army, and share the unique culture of the military camp with the actors.Adam failed to fulfill his mission as a soldier. He infused this belief in serving the people into performances and into a “service” lifelong career.Zeng almost rejected “Star Wars” and never looked at his work because of his enlistment experience, because of his own personality, and Adam treated the world differently than many people, even many actors.In the face of those gains that other people felt were rare, he had almost passed by for several times because of his rejection of reality and fame and fortune.He often discusses existentialism with himself, and asks why he is here and why he wants to do this. What does it have to do with me?What made Adam stand out in Hollywood was the HBO TV series “Urban Girl”, but when he received the opportunity to audition, he couldn’t look down on the TV series at all, thinking that it was a devil that corrupted people’s hearts.Until he learned what kind of writing talent Lena Dunham (director, screenwriter and starring “Urban Girl”) had, “She can make the story precious and sentimental.”He went into the house with a motorcycle helmet when he went to the audition, but was accidentally arrested for Lina ‘s attention. She immediately stood up and played a scene with Adam. The friendship between the two has continued to this day.It also nominated Emmy for three times.”Urban Girl” stills The 2014 “Fat Heart” won Adam the Best Actor Award at the 71st Venice International Film Festival Walpi Cup, he received wider attention in Hollywood, “Star Wars” auditionThe invitation was handed to him.At this time, Adam’s acceptance of performances was still limited to stage plays, independent films, literary films, and TV dramas created by Lena Dunham, and commercial films were not considered at all.”Because you have the ability to restart a classic, it does not mean that there is a need to do so. I have seen too many commercial films to sacrifice characters and stories for visual impact.”But when J.J. Abrams patiently introduced him to the characters and stories, he was attracted and became the first minority in the world to understand and sympathize with Kylo Ren.”He is a spoiled child who is undergoing transformation, he is on the way to finding the true self.The metaphor he carried was to take the power to dominate his own destiny by killing his father.”The movie” Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker “Adam has some very paranoid artist attributes. Sometimes he never revisits his performances, ranging from audition tapes to the film’s premiere.”I’ll find a room to stay by myself, and I will sneak back when it’s over, pretending I never left.”The most exaggerated stress response he has ever made was during the recording of a program. Because the scene played the clip he sang in” Marriage Story “, he went directly out of the studio, leaving a room of staff to look at each other,Executive producer Danny Miller also “doesn’t understand why he left” . and he is always not satisfied with his performance, feeling that his mistakes are stored in the picture; and making him unable to understand the scenes of watching his actingWhat help, “I am familiar enough with this story”.It is hoped that his desire to completely disappear in 2020, or it is difficult to realize that he knows that he needs to maintain a sense of humor as an actor and keep a safe distance from the role.”My job is like a spy, and I have to live my private life in front of the public.When you find yourself in the spotlight, everything becomes very difficult.”He believes that the role of the actor is to hide in the crowd and observe life.” If you walk into a room and someone looks at you, it won’t help “, and always thinks” compared to global problems, everything about meIs trivial. “However, the rising fame and the halo brought by the characters of the work ruined the anonymity he once enjoyed. His work is no longer just about stories and characters, but also the red carpet and awards ceremony.The “Star Wars” series has engraved amazing box office results on his resume, which has completely lost him the safe distance from reality.Looking forward to the new year, he said: “I hope I can disappear in 2020 and be completely forgotten, so that I can accept other very special projects.I usually try to keep a low profile while on vacation, because I can’t stand the attention of others, and I like to be incognito.But the “cruel” reality is that in 2020 he also has a musical “Annette” in collaboration with Marion Codia.The young man started with a choir, the main chorus, sang “Drunken Folk Songs”, confessed with an Italian song at the wedding (“Pregnant Heart”), and hummed lonely in the last year of “Marriage Story””Somebody” kind of stuff.Someone hugs me too tightly, somebody hurts me too deeply, somebody sits in my chair and disturbs me to sleep, so that I can keep me alive.Alive . but lonely is lonely, not alive . “The angel voice player is finally going to act seriously in the song and dance!And after that, there is also the new film “The Last Battle” by Mr. Ridley Scott, who will play with Matt R. Damon and Ben Affleck.The movie “Marriage Story” stills include “Marriage Story”, “Star Wars 9”, “Torture Report” and “Zombies”, which have far-reaching influences in different latitudes, and have the third host “Saturday Night Live” experience.Because a movie has been recognized by more than a dozen different performance categories, 2019 may belong to Adam Dreyfu who does not want to be so dazzling, and it may be 2020.[Adam Dreyfu in their eyes]Some people say that poetry can convey your inner thoughts to you in a more magnificent and majestic way. It is in this form that he interprets the characters and dialogues I wrote.The de Niro and Pacino character actors.-“Marriage Story” director Noah Baumbach Adam is the kind of actor that can be applied to the play as long as only a lamp is flashing, or a rope is placed in the closet.He has an intimate sense of civilian spokesperson to convey emotions and promote the story.-“Torture Report” director Scott Z. Burns his face became very expressive. Kylo Ren was full of contradictions and struggles. Through his performances, he could see the pain the character experienced.-“Star Wars” producer Catherine Kennedy watched the drama “Retribution” I was thinking, good guy, you did it!This child will become a star!Just like I am a headhunter, I have never been so surprised by a person’s success.-“Francis Ha” and “Little Women” director Greta Gowerge has an epistemological uncertainty in his performance-you can never be sure that the self-awareness and anti-realism hints come from himself, Or role.-Written by The New York Times / Editor Wu Dongni, Editor of Dawson Lan Sauna Night Net Zhai Yongjun