The golden rush to roll the snake to disappear

“Blood Ganoderma!”The golden rush to roll the snake to disappear in the mountains.,This is now a speed thief.,Even sometimes you can shoot out of thirty meters,It’s like it.。
Lin Feng can only sit on the ground to raise zombies。
After two more time,Dongxing,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang also came to the mountain.,Seeing this scenery stunned。
“Big brother,You have to turn into a zombie。”Dongxing Road。杭州龙凤
“wipe,Don’t say,Go now to buy blood lucidum,I am practicing now.。”Lin Feng is not a good way:“The sooner the better,I need blood。”
“it is good,give it to me,Big fly,Aqiang you protect your big brother。”Dongxing immediately told,After all, he is crossing him familiarity.。

“it is good!”Big flying and Xu Wenqiang nodded,When you guard around Lin Feng。
Lin Feng is a bit frustrated in his head.,The blood of the blood lapse in the body。
Just when Lin Feng is shed,Lin Feng’s mind suddenly came to some things,Like more,But these things are deeply printed in the mind of Lin Feng.,It seems that there is these things like Lin Feng’s mind.。
“Martial arts sentiment!”
Lin Feng fine tastes these things,Discover these things is the martial arts,From the beginning of practice, it has been extended,Lin Feng’s mind is like blowing。
However, these feelings of zero straw,Many things, Lin Feng does not understand。
“very good,very good!”
Lin Feng immediately sent it to confirm these things,Mutual confidence with your own feelings,Let him have a clear feeling,Lin Feng immersed in it。
The time gradually passed。

“I want to go to Babao Mountain.,Tell me in detail。”
Summer snow opposite the phone,Then silence。
Foot and ten seconds,She said the address came out.,Finally, I will be careful.,“Need me??”
“Need not。”Summer laughing,“I am with Liu Qingqing.。”
Xia Xue is again silent。
She is very clear that this sentence is implied.。
The Liu Qingqing in the side is equally,Between the looks。
She looked at the side of the summer,Suddenly some distressed。
She doesn’t know how to comfort。


Mainly worried about instructors

Li Tianzhen won’t break,The two came all the way to the base hospital,The instructors each have a separate ward,In addition to medical staff,Gu Jian、‘Doctors’And others take turns to participate in guarding,The person sitting at the door tonight is‘Doctors’。
Long time no see,Asked each other,‘Doctors’There is nothing more to say,Mainly worried about instructors,People are also extremely haggard,Two nurses are taking blood pressure、Take body temperature,Seeing Gu Changfeng and others, he retreated。
The instructor kept sitting in the same posture half a month ago,Look like a portrait,Dull eyes,Eat liquid,Physical activity requires the help of several medical staff,Bad sin,Also lost a lot of weight。
“Draw the curtains,All vents are closed,Monitoring is also

At the time of the Ping An Hospital,The other side kills dozens of people,I have left her a hard-working mark.。
Even if you have followed and understand,Ye is softly knowing the summer identity,But in her mind,Still that the cloudy youth is the most profound。
But this is not the most important。
Important……He just now。
Ye is gently fool,on the contrary,Her thinking and judgment is extremely keen,It’s all about the ideology.。
Just,Her fuss can’t help but feel gently,Heartx becomes confusing。
Sitting next to her,Yao Wei originally sloppy,Looking at the people,I have a little wings in my heart.。
People are so,All-year high,Continuous success,There are some imbalances that mentality will inevitably,Even if you can’t detect it yourself。
Like ancient wind,Two-linked counted meter,Beat。

Now now,The go of things has exceeded his control。
Or……He finally understood,Insufficient ability。
Mask woman next to it,A pair of scorpions are sharp such as knife,Summer stare,Just, if you don’t hide you,Something is injured。
This makes her very unexpected,Also very surprised。


Even a talented forward who has attracted the attention

It is very likely to be photographed by a professional team,Become a professional player。杭州楼凤
One thought ends here,Sun Yonggang suddenly remembered another talented person,Also high expectations by many people,Even a talented forward who has attracted the attention of professional teams in advance,Chen Xingyi from Tangdu Shuguang High School in Nanhe Province。杭州龙凤
I don’t know what kind of sparks he and Chen Xingyi will arouse in next year’s national competition.?

Thought of here,Sun Yonggang smiled and asked Luo Kai:“There are many outstanding players in the national competition,For example, Chen Xingyi, the top scorer of the previous competition,Is Luo Kai looking forward to playing against them??”
Most people will continue to say:“Yeah yeah,Quite expecting”Such a scene。
But I didn’t expect Luo Kai to hear him ask this,But frowned:“Who is Chen Xingyi?”
Sun Yonggang’s mouth twitched——What kind of people are this Dongchuan Middle School?!
Chapter Eighty One Only I am better than Chen Xingyi
“Rokai,Do you really know who Chen Xingyi is??”In the team locker room,Someone asked Luo Kai with wide eyes。
“Must know who he is?”Luo Kai replied。
“Not really,It’s just that we are going to participate in the national competition next,It’s better to know the other contestants in the national competition.……of course,I’m not blaming you,Rokai。”Deputy Captain Yan Yan stood up and said。“Chen Xingyi is not a professional star either,There must be many people who have never heard of his name。Only after the interview video came out,Someone on the Internet is leading the rhythm,Say you have no one,Said we are arrogant in Dongchuan Middle School,A new army in a national competition is so crazy,Waiting to see our jokes at the national competition……”
He is holding a cell phone,On the phone screen《Goal》NetAPPinterface,It is this video of Dongchuan Middle School。


The profit margin is still stable

We mentioned in the previous in-depth “When to Reshape the Pattern and Wait for the Return of the King” that the needs of the changing industry continue to weaken, and leading companies have the intention to be able to participate in competition and obtain more improvements through modest price reductions.杭州妃子阁

At the same time, based on the abundant surplus grain reserves, performance certainty is still guaranteed.杭州品茶

In September, Amoy’s online Gree share surpassed Oaks. We believe that it has overlapping signal meanings, indicating that the leading barriers are still deep and that it has the initiative to master the layout.

Profitability: The profit margin is still stable, basically 10% profit growth worry-free company 19Q3 gross profit margin 29.

4% a year -1.

35pct, single season sales expense rate -0 per second.

At 34pct, the gross sales difference fell by 1pct in ten years, and other circulating debts fell slightly by 1.3 billion.

Combining financial expenses, investment income and fair value changes, the exchange rate has a small overall impact on single quarter profits.

Replacement of the new consolidated low-margin business, the gross profit margin is estimated to decrease slightly, mainly due to the heavy volume of the Q3 special offer form and the moderate price reduction of the main products.

Looking to the future, due to the breakdown of the profit margin base in 18Q4, a high probability of 14 will be achieved.

Net profit margin above 5% and profit growth around 10%.

The company’s operating net cash flow in the first three quarters was 32.7 billion yuan, a significant improvement over the same period last year of 15.1 billion yuan.

The main factor adjustment, we estimate that the company did not adjust the upstream price, but the account period was appropriately extended, and the response to the subject extension increased by 32.8 billion, reflecting the strong control of the industrial chain.

The fundamentals are stable, and the short-term focus is still on the reform and promotion of the company. This financial report is fully in line with the industrial prosperity and actual operating conditions. Although the performance is relatively flat, the shift in operating policies has released more positive signals, indicating that Gree is completelyAbility to control competitive dominance.

With the implementation of the equity transfer plan, the focus of the merger will return to mid- and long-term operations, bringing sustained and stable performance.

In addition to the financial report, at this stage, the company is gradually performing more or mixed reforms.

After the previous announcement, Zhuhai Mingjun began to reorganize the “Share Transfer Agreement” with Gree Group within 10 working days (after the approval of the SASAC, etc.), and disclosed details of cooperation with related parties.

Further binding of the interests of leaders and shareholders will strengthen Gree’s stable and high dividend expectation.
Gao’s entry expanded Gree retail gradually and opened up the imagination space for the second track, which brought the company a second take-off.

The profit forecast, assessment and rating are in line with the company’s performance, the business strategy behind the dull performance is positive, and the modest price reduction brings the share back up, which reflects the company’s deep barriers and the ability to deploy.

With a low base in Q4, it is expected that the expected profit will have a stable growth of more than 10%.
The company’s short-term outlook is still the continuous implementation of mixed reforms. As a scarce domestic high-ROE cash flow asset, the current price is significantly undervalued. We are optimistic about the estimated improvement after the mixed reform.


Experts remind people that people who sit and work

Pulmonary embolism entangles you

In recent days, the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital has rescued two patients with pulmonary embolism, both of whom have been engaged in computer work for a long time.杭州品茶

  Experts remind people that people who sit and work in front of a computer for a long time, go online, play games instead of standing up, not only suffer from cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, eye disease and other diseases, but also cause lower extremity venous thrombosis leading to pulmonary embolism and deathThe rate is as high as 20%.

Severe pulmonary embolism can be fatal in minutes.

  A few days ago, a 25-year-old guy in Nanjing suddenly felt chest pain and tightness. He had blood in his sputum and entered the emergency department of Nanjing Gulou Hospital. After examination and medical history, he realized that he was a media practitioner. He sat in front of a computer and edited the TV.Movies, often sitting for ten hours or more, even sitting in front of a computer and working day and night.杭州楼凤

The doctor initially diagnosed with pulmonary embolism.

CT pulmonary angiography and vascular ultrasound examination revealed bilateral pulmonary pulmonary embolism lesions and venous thrombosis in the lower extremities.

  After the hospital adopted thrombolysis, anticoagulation and other rescue measures, it has turned into danger.

Coincidentally, a 37-year-old patient with severe pulmonary embolism who was transferred from Wuhu, Anhui to Gulou Hospital on August 22, also forced computer work for a long time. Due to his severe pulmonary embolism, the local treatment was not relieved for one month.Suppression saves lives.

  Professor Zhang Deping, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Gulou Hospital, pointed out that the main cause of pulmonary embolism is prolonged sitting and lying, lower blood flow in the lower limbs, and thrombosis gradually formed.

Pulmonary embolism is easily misdiagnosed as pneumonia and heart disease.

It is more common in middle-aged and elderly patients who have been bedridden for a long time, including diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, and fractures. These two patients are young and usually have no other problems.

  The occurrence of pulmonary embolism is entirely related to their long periods of sitting in front of the computer and working inactivity.

Professor Zhang Deping reminded people that there are three typical symptoms of pulmonary embolism: chest pain, chest tightness, and hemoptysis.

Sudden dizziness, falls, palpitation, sweating and other symptoms are about to occur, and some will have headaches, limb pain and swelling.

Therefore, for a long time sitting in front of a computer or working on the Internet for 1-2 hours, you should stand up and exercise, consciously move your lower limbs, do squats and other actions to speed up blood flow in the lower limbs, and you can usually wear elastic socks;Regularly massage your lower limbs to promote blood circulation.

As soon as symptoms such as chest pain and tightness occur, they should be immediately sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.


Because single men are more likely to drink alcohol

Although women have three times the suicide rate of men, men have a higher suicide success rate.

Data show that in 2009, 79% of those who died of suicide were men.

Wang Guorong, a senior supervisor of Suzhou Ringier Psychological Counseling Center, said that middle age is the pinnacle of men’s careers, and at the same time facing the pressure of “filial piety to parents and teaching children” and fear of aging, it is more prone to psychological problems.

He suggested that men should be liberated from “utilitarianism”, let life be more casual, learn more from children about simplicity and simplicity, and learn more from women about emotion and taste.杭州妃子阁

  Relies too much on electronic equipment to increase mortality.

A survey of 220,000 patients with chronic diseases found that men who have been in contact with computers, televisions and other electronic devices for more than 11 hours per day have a 40% increase in mortality.

It is recommended to leave the computer every 1 hour and move the TV for 5 minutes.

What’s more important is to get out of the house and stick to exercise. Should you sweat more during exercise and keep your heart rate at 140?
150 times / minute is the best.

  The prevalence of singles is higher.

Multiple surveys have shown that single men (including divorced and widowed) have higher mortality and prevalence rates than those who are married.杭州龙凤

Because single men are more likely to drink alcohol, their diet is less healthy, and they pay less attention to maintenance.

Therefore, men should marry as soon as possible after the age of 25, and run a good marriage with their wives.

Single men should remind themselves to work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  Smoking hurts the heart and the lungs.

After age 40, lung and heart damage caused by smoking are more severe.

Studies have found that men over 65 years of age are twice as likely to have a stroke as a result of smoking than under 65 years of age.

The sooner you quit smoking, the better. This can be done by diverting attention, reducing parties, throwing away smoking equipment, or consulting a professional.

  Women’s articles worry about multiplying family pressure.

Women after the age of 40 face the dual pressure of caring for adolescent children and elderly parents.

Wang Guorong said that statistics from the United Nations show that middle-aged women work two hours longer than middle-aged men.

5 times.

In the traditional sense, middle-aged women in China have to bear the pressure on their families, and their children, husbands, and parents have to worry about food, clothing, and transportation.

Wang Guorong is the highest. Husbands should always thank their wives for their dedication to the family and take the initiative to share the housework. List the family affairs and negotiate the division of labor.

  Some people eat too much fat, some people eat too little frail.

Middle-aged women are divided into two types, some are overweight due to eating too much, and some are malnourished due to weight loss and diet.

According to Ma Liping’s estimation, about one-third of people are blindly pursuing “thousands of dollars are difficult to buy and old and thin”, and they are mainly vegetarian, but this causes problems such as visceral sagging, anemia, and decreased resistance; another 1/3 of themBecause I can’t control my mouth, I can’t get my legs open, which leads to obesity.

Her experience is that all dinners are arranged at noon, and fried, greasy and other foods are only eaten at noon. At night, they eat a light diet and eat only eight full.

  Poor sleep and high blood pressure.

Studies in the United States show that women with insufficient sleep are twice as likely to have high blood pressure.

Shi Ming, chief physician of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Chinese Medicine Clinic of the Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that women over the age of 40 are a high-risk group of insomnia, mostly due to menopause, marital emotions, family relationships, and diseases.
When you go to sleep, you must “sleep first, then sleep your eyes”, and then at 9 pm, you should keep your mood calm, and don’t watch the drama that is intense and sad.
Go to bed at 11 pm on time, to ensure a “golden seven hours” of sleep from 11 pm to 6 am.


This is by no means alarmist, maybe it’s really bad for you

But do you know that these foods are inedible for men.

This is by no means alarmist, maybe it’s really bad for you.

Let your couple’s sexual life quality decline, prostate cancer, infertility.杭州妃子阁

Men must be vigilant!

  Top: Fatness Consequences: Infertility in Men Reason: Red meat (beef, bacon, sausage, luncheon meat) keeps you strong

Saturated fatty acids and cholesterol narrow blood vessels, including transporting blood to the blood vessels!

  Measures: Want to eat again, eat some oysters!

Oysters have long been known as “famous products of love”, and science has indeed proved this traditional saying.杭州龙凤

2-3 oysters Oysters can meet the human body’s zinc needs throughout the day, and zinc is just an important mineral source to maintain the normal function of male reproductive system.

  Second place: High-fat milk Consequences: Prone to prostate cancer Cause: The proportion of men who consume more than 600 mg of calcium through dairy products per day is higher than those who consume less than 150 mg of calcium per day32% higher!

Daily intake of calcium through dairy products can inhibit vitamin D levels in the blood.

In addition to being an important nutrient, vitamin D is a hormone that can prevent the proliferation of prostate cancer tumor cells, thereby helping to prevent prostate cancer.杭州楼凤

  Measures: Pay more attention to diet health, such as eating less meat, regular exercise and more low-fat foods, soy foods and vegetables and fruits.

  Third place: Refined flour Consequences: Infertility in men Reason: White bread and candy taste good, but from a nutritional point of view, this is not the case.

During the processing of whole wheat into refined bread, three-fourths of the zinc is lost. For the cultivation of sexual desire and the health of reproduction, zinc is precisely vital.

The highest amount of zinc in the human body is also in the prostate. A diet high in zinc helps prevent prostate hyperplasia.

  Measures: Eat less concentrated grains and more coarse grains!

  Fourth place: Soybean Consequences: Affects male sexual characteristics and reduces sperm count. Reason: Soybean is a food rich in estrogen characteristics. Excessive intake will increase the body’s estrogen level, which affects male sexual characteristics.

Researchers believe that the chemical components contained in soybeans can “mimic” the function of the estrogen estrogen, leading to a reduction in sperm counts.

  Measures: Pay attention to the amount of consumption, pay attention to “overdose”, as long as it is not replaced in a large amount every day, it will not be excessive.

  Fifth place: Fried food Consequences: Reasons for reducing male hormone secretion: Hydrogenation in vegetable oil can convert the oil into solid, and the fat it contains is trans-aunt.

When it comes to damage, trans-rare earths are better than saturated fats.

French fries and other fried foods, biscuits, cookies include trans-aunt.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that trans fatty acids increase “bad hypertension” in the body and increase the risk of heart disease.

At the same time, trans finance will reduce male hormone secretion, have a reverse effect on sperm, and interrupt the sperm’s response in the body.


he British fleet having left Newport in the interim


The British fleet having left Newport in the interim, on the 24th of April, 1776, the American squadron got under way from New London for Providence, Rhode Island. The ships were in bad condition; sickness had broken out among their crews, and no less than two hundred and two men out of a total of perhaps eight hundred and fifty–at best an insufficient complement–were left ill at New London. Their places were in a measure supplied by one hundred and seventy soldiers, lent to the squadron by General Washington, who had happened to pass through New London, en route to New York, on the day after Hopkins’ arrival. There was a pleasant interview between the two commanders, and it was then that Jones caught his first glimpse of the great leader.

The voyage to 杭州妃子阁 New London was made without incident, except that the unfortunate Alfred grounded off Fisher’s Island, and had to lighten ship before she could be floated. This delayed her passage so that she did not arrive at Newport until the 28th of April. The health of the squadron was not appreciably bettered by the change, for over one hundred additional men fell ill. Many of the seamen had been enlisted for the cruise only, and they now received their discharge, so that the crews of the already undermanned ships were so depleted from these causes that it would be impossible for them to put to sea. Washington, who was hard pressed for men, and had troubles of his own, demanded the immediate return to New York of the soldiers he had lent to the fleet. The captain of the Providence being under orders for a court-martial for his conduct, on the 10th of May Hopkins appointed John Paul Jones 杭州养生会所 to the command of the Providence.

The appointment is an evidence of the esteem in which Jones was held by his commanding officer, and is a testimony to the confidence which was felt in his ability and skill; for he alone, out of all the officers in the squadron, was chosen for important sea service at this time. Having no blank commissions by him, Hopkins made out the new commission on the back of Jones’ original commission as first lieutenant. It is a matter of interest to note that he was the first officer promoted to command rank from a lieutenancy in the American navy. His first orders directed him to take Washington’s borrowed men to New York. After spending a brief time in hurriedly overhauling the brig and preparing her for the voyage, Jones set sail for New York, which he reached on the 18th of May, after thirty-six hours. Having returned the men, Jones remained at New York in accordance with his orders until he 杭州夜网hzyw could enlist a crew, which he presently succeeded in doing. Thereafter, under supplemental orders, he ran over to New London, took on board such of the men


left there who were sufficiently recovered to be able to resume their duties, and came back and reported with them to the commander-in-chief at Providence. He had performed his duties, routine though they were, expeditiously and properly.

He now received instructions thoroughly to overhaul and fit the Providence for active cruising. She was hove down, had her bottom scraped, and was entirely refitted and provisioned under Jones’s skillful and practical direction. Her crew was exercised constantly at small arms and great guns, and every effort made to put her in first-class condition. In spite of the limited means at hand, she became a model little war vessel. On June 10th a sloop of war belonging to the enemy appeared off the bay, and in obedience to a signal from the commodore Jones made sail to engage. Before he caught sight


Because whether it is the intake of normal nutrients or the absorption and utilization of nutritional

The theory of “Winter Season Tonic” is a rich cultural heritage passed down from years of experience accumulated in the country’s traditional Chinese medicine.

However, you must avoid opening up some misunderstandings.

  The wrong area blindly believes that in the advertisements, the propaganda about the “magic”, “spiritual”, and “effectiveness” of various supplements is often exaggerated.杭州夜网

  Health products are divided into food and medicine.

In foreign countries, such health products are called “functional foods”, which can neither be effective against a certain disease nor make you stronger on the basis of your internal health.

It can only restore your sub-health to normal health.

  Misunderstanding two supplements is equivalent to health care. Only people with physical problems need to supplement. People who are rich in nutrition and free of disease and pain do not need to take supplements.

This is like repairing clothes that are broken, not crippled, not short, not torn, and not perforated.杭州龙凤

In the past, many long-lived people lived in old forests in the mountains and had thick tea and rice. They were still physically fit.

On the other hand, since the emperor Qin Shihuang unified China to the Qing Dynasty, there are many short-lived emperors who love tonic.

  Misunderstanding 3 Non-dialectic tonic Even if you are physically weak, you can’t blindly tonic.

There are many types of physical deficiencies, and each type of deficient syndrome has targeted supplements and tonics. If the syndrome is not correct, it will not only be invalid and useless, but sometimes it will be controversial.

  The medicine of the older generation of Chinese medicine practitioners is very rigorous, even if it is a ready-to-use tonic or cream, its prescription must be observed.

Therefore, how to supplement, adjust, and take which type of supplement is more appropriate and effective according to the physical quality and functional status of each person should be performed under the diagnosis and guidance of a doctor.

  Misunderstanding 4: Supplements instead of three meals a day The human body replaces nutrition with three meals a day, and must not rely solely on nutritional supplements.

“The Emperor’s Canon” clearly states that supplements can only be used for the maintenance of a weak constitution and the body’s nutritional supply, and it must be placed in the daily necessary diet such as grains, five fruits, five animals, and five dishes.

Modern nutrition proves that only a balanced diet of three meals a day can make your nutrition balanced.

  Misunderstanding five: using tonic instead of exercise. Medical therapists offer advice to someone: “Life requires exercise, and only when supplemented with necessary physical exercise can nutritional supplements work better.”

  Because whether it is the intake of normal nutrients or the absorption and utilization of nutritional supplements, it must depend on the body’s sound digestion, absorption and utilization functions.

Some people lack exercise, have a weak constitution, have poor digestive and digestive functions, and have low metabolic absorption. When they take nutritional supplements, they cannot digest well, and may even have side effects or adverse effects due to weak constitution or improper supplementation.

  Myth 6: The more expensive the supplement, the more effective it is. The high-priced supplements are mainly added some expensive Chinese medicinal materials, such as tortoise shell, turtle shell, saffron, cordyceps and so on.

However, there is no targeted medication and generally no special effects appear.

Besides, how many tortoiseshells can there be in a tonic?

Therefore, the price of medicine does not fully represent the pros and cons of efficacy.


The Indian auto market has huge potential and can take advantage of opportunities

Great Wall Motor (601633): Proposed to acquire GM India factory for internationalization
Event: Recently, the company and General Motors reached an agreement on the acquisition of GM’s India Taligang plant. According to the letter of intent signed by the two parties, including the GM India company in the Tarigang plant will be transferred to Great Wall Motors.And approval from relevant regulatory authorities.  Coinciding with the short-term downturn in the Indian auto market, the company’s strategic layout against the trend.The Indian auto market has a sales volume of about 3 to 4 million units, ranking among the top in the world. In 2019, the Indian auto market has shifted due to various reasons such as the economic downturn. Among them, the passenger car market has replaced about 20%.GM is considering the sale of the Taligan plant in India based on its global strategy. This coincides with the downturn in the Indian auto market and the company’s strategic layout against the trend. It is expected that the acquisition will have higher value.In February 2020, the company 杭州夜网论坛 will bring the Haval brand and Great Wall EV models to the Indian Motor Show in India, and announce the Indian market strategy to enter the Indian market.  

The Indian auto market has huge potential and can take advantage of opportunities to enter the Middle East and African markets.India’s large and young population will continue to be in the demographic dividend period and the potential for rapid economic growth in the future. According to data released by the World Bank, the number of thousand people in the Indian market in 2019 is only 22, and the market space is huge.In addition, India is located at the northern end of the Indian Ocean. The factory is located in the state of Maharashtra, which attracts the most foreign investment in India. Its capital, Mumbai, is the financial center and one of the three major ports in India. This time, it can open the Indian market.Can expand the Middle East and African markets west.  Make more efforts, and take internationalization one step further.Great Wall Motors has achieved global distribution in research and development, and has various research and development centers in the United States, Germany, Austria, India, Japan and other places.Pickup and SUV models have also been sold worldwide. At the same time, the China-Russia all-craftsmanship plant has been successfully put into production in 2019, and it has become the highest overseas plant for domestic car companies. The WEY brand was established in 2021 and will enter the European market.Internationalization has become more powerful, and the proposed acquisition of GM’s Indian plant is about to launch, which will take the company’s internationalization process one step further.  Investment suggestion: After the Russian plant is put into production in 2019 to open the Eastern European market, the company’s internationalization road has further advanced to India, and it is worth looking forward to in the future.The current industry is at the bottom of certainty, and the company still has some flexibility when the industry recovers. Pacific Motors will continue to strategically recommend Great Wall Motors in 2020. It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers in 19/20 will be 4.9 billion / 6 billion, respectively.Buy “level.  Risk reminder: The sales volume of the automobile industry is lower than expected, and the price reduction promotion is larger than expected